We have our own Cross country Course, with different kind of logs, ditches, hurdles, trakheners, bankets, skinnies and two water jumps around 50 jumps all together.

We train riders in riding safely both hunting and eventing.
Call Lotte Holm or email if you want a lesson preparing your self and your horse for eventing or hunting.
Its also possible to use the Course on your own, but ALWAYS with a safety vest and helmet on,  a fully charged mobile phone a helper present.


  • Every year we arrange a clinic with Lucinda Green in spring. In 2017 it will be  on the 16.05 – 17.05 for further details look


  • In august we have the pleasure of hosting a clinic with the well known legend Aidan O’Connell him self.
    Learn more about him


    He is the master of teaching riders to be safe when they hunt or event. As his most famous comment is: “Its not if something happens, but when.”